The Ten Thousand Villages store in Ottawa is owned and operated by the Ottawa Alternative Trade Corporation (OATC).

OATC is managed by an 8-member Board of Directors. It is a non-profit corporation composed of persons from the local community with a commitment to Fair Trade. Anyone interested in the mission and purpose of Ten Thousand Villages, pharm willing to adhere to its guiding principles, and residing in the National Capital region can become a member of OATC. In this way, you can play a role in marketing the craft of international artisans in the Ottawa area. If you are interested in becoming a member of OATC, please contact the store.

The Annual General Meeting for OATC is held every spring. It is held annually at the Ottawa Mennonite Church at 1830 Kilborn Ave in Ottawa.  Should you require more information please contact the store and ask for the manager.


OATCs Financial Statements for the fiscal year 2015-2016 are available in PDF format:


Note: while it is believed that the posted copies of these documents are accurate, if there is any variation with the copies in the Corporate Minute Books, the copies in the Corporate Minute Books shall take precedence